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metadata location and performance

cyriltracyriltra Posts: 42Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass


I have a NAS for my media storage and I plan to purchase an intel nuc to act as my media server. My client will be an odroid c2, connected to my TV.

On my server, I will use docker and install the plex container from linuxserver.io.

In their guide, they suggested to mount he volume for plex metadata outside of the container. Now, should I put this metadata volume on my NAS (HDD) or on the SSD drive of my NUC ?
What i'm looking for is when I browse my library (on the odroid c2), i want the posters to load as quick as possible (instantly would be great, as in the video of ByteMyBits' guy). Will this be the case ? Also, for a library of around 8To, how big would be the metadata folder ?

Thank you



  • 11notes11notes Posts: 13Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Use your NAS as storage, active NFS on your NAS. Install vSphere Free on your intel NUC. Create a linux VM (doesn't matter which one). Install docker in the linux VM. Setup storage mapping from your linux VM to your NAS (NFS, CIFS, etc) with docker-volume-netshare (https://github.com/11notes/alpine-docker-netshare). Pull plexpass docker and set -v to your NFS targets. DONE.

    I would virtualize the intel NUC, so that you can use it for other VMs as well, not just as plex server.

  • cyriltracyriltra Posts: 42Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    So i assume the intel nuc needs to run win10 for better hardware support over linux ?
    And what about the thumbnails display performance when browsing my movie database ? Should the thumbnails be displayed "instantly" despite being stored on the NAS ?

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