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Subtitiles duplicated (Samsung F8500)

lichkingrplichkingrp Posts: 1Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass


I have a Samsung 64F8500 (lastest firmware), running Plex 2.007 (latest available on the Store, where do you guys get the 2.008?), with a Windows PMS on local network, both server and tv are connected by wire ..

Well, since some weeks ago, when I start a video (all my files are h264 mkv) with the subtitle selected in the title navigation screen, the subtitles appear duplicated during playback.
If I start the video with no subtitles selected (none), then, using the menu while playing to select a subtitle, it works perfectly.
Sometimes, when the subs are duplicated and I disable a subtitle using the menu, the player quits the video with a network error message.

It occurs in all playing modes, even transcode. I have already changed the subtitle system, (API vs transcode), also other settings on both my PMS and in the TV, even reinstalled the Plex Player with the 30 seconds power off.

I've attached the PMS log file, I start playing a video is at 13:00 on the log, my client IP address is and the PMS is

Do the .xlm profiles settings apply when using the Plex on SmartTv or it's just for DLNA?


pms.rar 194.9K

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