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1080p HEVC jittering Samsung 2014

felix.marx@gmail.comfelix.marx@gmail.com Posts: 14Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I can play 4k HEVC streams without any jittering or stuttering and there is no transcoding or buffering present.
Using a 78HU8500 Samsung TV, I am seeing issues with 1080p HEVC material.

There is no buffering problem, nor is the video transcoded to H264, but the video is somehow jittering and not very smooth. Is this a problem of the TV or maybe Samsungs software?

When the video is transcoded to H264, when subtitles are burnt in, I don't see any jitter at all and the video is played smoothly.
I could just transcode all videos up front to H264 but it seems like more and more video files are in HEVC.

Additional information, the same files are playing fine on a Nvidia Shield TV with direct play connected to the same TV.

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