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All video and menu hang, audio works on OS X. Restart only solution

vukradicvukradic Posts: 1Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass


i've been using openpht for some time without any trouble on my mac mini server from mid 2010. up until a few months ago. it started with an item i found in the activity monitor (forgot what the name of the item was) that would take up 99.9% of the processing power. it happened with no particular regularity. i would forcequit the process and everything would be back to normal. however, the mac mini would get extremely hot during this time. this will come into play later.

ok, so after a few of those incidents, i would go to play a movie in the latest available openpht player and with the latest update to the plex media server and the video would hang. i would still get audio for the movie, but the picture is frozen. when i try to stop the movie, nothing happens. the menu is hanging as well. 15-30 seconds later, the menu would accept the input from my remote to pause. however, when i would exit the video, the menus would also hang. they look like some kind of video error. unfortunately, i don't have a picture to show you.

the only way to get out of openpht was to restart the computer, which at that time would be running the fans full blast and was painfully hot to the touch.

i started working back to see what the problem is. since the mac mini is connected to the tv through a yamaha soundbar, i connected it directly via hdmi to see if the soundbar was the problem. same problem. since i thought the extreme heat might have damaged the hard drives, even though the apple disk utility and a few other programs were showing that the disks were fine, i still tried making a copy the drive to new drive. same problem. i tried reinstalling my os. same problem. tried running the apple hardware test to se if its maybe a graphics card problem, but it seems my mac does not support the hardware test.

the worrying thing to me is that a simmilar issue pops up with regular plex player. what i have been doing since is running the plex media server on my mac mini and watching it through a ps4. that works perfectly, with no issues. so it seems to be a problem with the openpht client or my connection with the tv/soundbar.

i tried looking through the logs, but they do not make any sense to me. i'm attaching them here, hoping that somebody can spot what the error is and help me get this sorted out. it is entirely possible that this is the wrong log. i would appreciate a pointer in the right direction of the right one

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