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WD EX2100 & Server is not powerful enough to convert Video

tvalfretvalfre Posts: 3Members

I have a WD EX2100 and I'm getting a message "Server is not powerful enough to convert Video".
Primary this is on my blu-ray movies over 5GB in mkv format. My DVD TV shows under 5GB in mkv format will play.
The same blu-ray movie on my desktop computer (like 5 years old) will play with no problem. I thought one of the things that the EX2100 was designed for was to stream movies. I could use some help. Thanks


  • corwin_xcorwin_x Posts: 116Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    EX will stream, but not transcode. Not enough cpu power for that. Note that what you TV will play over DLNA and over 3rd party app are 2 different things. File size means nothing, provide mediainfo from plex - usually any TV will play H.264 up to level 4.0 high profile, but depends on specs.

  • tvalfretvalfre Posts: 3Members

    If the EX does not have enough cpu power, why does WD advertise it as a streaming app for their product? Is this just BS?
    Why does plex transcode the video in the first place? Is it unable to stream in mkv or similar formats? I just want to be able to store and watch my movie videos. Thought Plex would do this for me using the EX2100. What are the CPU requirements for Plex? Thanks for the insight.

  • corwin_xcorwin_x Posts: 116Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    edited September 2017

    I guess little bit of marketing on WD side... However, to stream does not equal to transcode.
    Depending of codecs used to encode audio and video of the file and device capabilities to decode such codecs, you may encounter three cases:
    Direct play - playback device is able to play the file as is - your EX will handle that
    Direct stream - your playback device will play the video and audio, but does no like the container (mkv file while device needs MP4) - your EX will play the file with little effort at the start as it needs to extract the audio and video streams and encapsulate to different container
    Transcode - playback device is not capable of playing video or audio, plex needs to convert one or both to compatible format - your EX will in 99% of the cases not play when video transcoding is required (maybe some low bitrate SD clips), audio transcoding SHOULD be fine.
    Look up your playback device (TV, tablet etc) specs, supported media formats should be listed there. As a rule of the thumb, any non-ancient device should be able to play H.264 encoded video up to HIGH profile level 4.0 and aac sound in MP4 container. You will need to re-encode your videos (for example using HandBrake) on something that has more horsepower than your EX and then replace the videos on EX with re-encoded files.
    Another point are the subtitles. Do NOT use PGS, they always have to be burned into video. Get SRT subs for your files if needed. Even with srt subs, some devices are not able to display them directly and then again, transcode is required to burn them into video, which is a failure scenario on your EX.
    To sum it up - target here is to convert your video into format that plex will be able to play on your devices WITHOUT transcoding.
    Side note - unless you have enough bandwith for upload on your home internet and enough data plan on mobile device to stream your files in original quality, forget streaming outside your home network on mobile devices - transcode required.

  • tvalfretvalfre Posts: 3Members

    For now I found a way around without having to change my files. I using a firestick to access Plex app. I also have the Kodi app installed. So I just attached my NAS using Kodi and I'm able to play all my movies. May not be a fancy as Plex, but all I want to do is what my movies. Works for now.

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