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Trying to get 1.020 to work on my D series

doncaruanadoncaruana Posts: 39Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

So I downloaded 1.020 and got it installed. But I can't actually log in to my account with it. I go through the link process, connect with the web, the whole 9 yards. After the web page says I'm linked, a few seconds later (like 5 or 10 - much longer than with 1.019), I get the confirmation on the app. But nothing is actually there - account not filled in, no server - nothing. Since it works with 1.019 with the same process, I'm wondering how it's not working for me and how it works for others. I've got a plexpass subscription and the plex server is local, but it doesn't seem to ever even get that far.

Ultimately, I was hoping to resolve &#39 in place of apostrophes everywhere but that doesn't even work anyway (apparently I'm not the only who noticed that the last fix didn't address all of this: forums.plex.tv/discussion/comment/1359998#Comment_1359998

I don't supposed anyone has an archived copy of the 1.019 version do they?

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