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Support of upnp CDS:Search

number8.1number8.1 Posts: 95Members ✭✭

I'm trying, without success so far, to connect a DLNA renderer to Plex DLNA server. I'd like to know whether Plex supports the CDS:Search service. Thank you


  • Niko_KNiko_K Posts: 18Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I am not completely sure, but I guess that plex does not support CDS:Search.
    The reason I believe this is that people in the JRiver forum that tries to connect JRiver to plex said that it failes because plex does only support CDS:Browse, but not CDS:Search.

    I could be wrong though, since the post is more than 2 years old (it is from 2015). However, I tries to connect JRiver to plex today and that still fails (although the error message is too generic to track it down to the CDS:Search service).

  • number8.1number8.1 Posts: 95Members ✭✭

    @Niko_K I tried again recently as well and I confirm it still fails to connect. Nobody seems to be willing to fix it or to give information

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