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Backup Seagate Personal Cloud

psantaluciapsantalucia Posts: 2Members

I am running a 3TB Seagate Personal Cloud NAS with PLEX Server for more than a year, the server is not very powerful but is working OK for my needs. Last month i bought a second Seagate Personal Cloud unit, the new device is working and all files are synced correctly.

Plex server is running on both devices, but i can not backup the Plex library from one device to make a copy on the second (backup) unit. All video and music files are copied to the second device in the same folder structure, i only need to copy and update periodically the Plex database.

Anyone knows how to access the Plex library database to make a backup in the Seagate Personal Cloud.

I ask the Seagate support about how to access the device with SSH, by they did not help, and tell me that Plex app is from a third party and so they can not help me. I only want a way to access to the NAS root files, but Seagate support did not help with that.


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