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Testing DVR & Live TV - Looking for suggestions it improve interface

RDeLuca1976RDeLuca1976 Posts: 1Members

Testing DVR & Live TV - Interface is terrible, looking for suggestions
Hi folks,
I’ve been using Plex for years for my personal media library and it’s fantastic. Now, I’m testing their DVR server with Live TV. I’ve configured a HDHomeRun with my cable companies cable card. All is working, and still Testing.
I know Plex DVR is beta, but my standards are high because I’m also testing “Channels” to view live TV as well. And even though it’s $8 a month, man does it look nice!
So, with Plex DVR Live, can you:
1) Set favorite channels?
2) Configure a Traditional TV Guide Grid view?
Note: I honestly have no idea what these developers have against the grade style. Anyway….
Maybe there are features I’m unaware of, or Plex Plugins / Channels?
Thank you for any advice.


Best Answer


  • BastardSheepBastardSheep Posts: 319Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    DVR features not available yet. The only option is to get a list of shows now playing or starting soon (in the Plex grid format) to select, with no indication of channel they're on at a glance.

    No traditional guide.

    I'm using Plex for recordings (as the recordings then appear right alongside my other media in the screens I'm looking through anyway - when I had to change apps or devices I just never ended up watching stuff that had been recorded), but if I want to watch live I'm going over to the Channels app.

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