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TLC 66 inch Smart TV does not stream movies

hello i need help
i have a few issues with plex
i am using Plex on new TV, 66inch, TLC, which has an android Lollypop OS.
I am having Apple time capsule, where my movies are stored. Its on my local network, cable connected as well as TV.
My MacBook is in the role of Plex server.
So that is setup
When i use some other android media application (not Plex) i am able to watch movies in full screen, without any problems.
When i use Plex application (I paid for it), On this new TV, 66 inch, Movie is not in full screen, and 80% of movies are streaming
not flawlessly and are unwatchable**.
_Please note, that streaming it with other media app, everything is perfect, full screen, and flawless streaming.
I have tried Plex standalone and Plex for Kodi and its same and absolutely not watchable. As i said, 1 in 50 movies is watchable, but Plex resize its screen, and looks like i am watching on 40 inch, not 66. I had issues with old screen on 48 inch as well, many movies would not play flawlessly in Plex app. And i have been using dedicated android box for it.

Hope you gonna read all this and help me out
i can make a video of how it looks like if you want me to

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