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PLEX Roku stops playing after 10 Minutes, freezes at loading 13% then says Video Unavailable.

gd77lagd77la Posts: 3Members ✭✭

The same thing happens with multiple MP4 videos of the same quality and specs. PLEX will load and play fine for about 10 minutes then the video will stop playing. The screen says loading but stops at 13% for about 2-5minutes then says "Video Unavailable" I took a look at the logs and it seems that at the same point PLEX tries to start transcoding the video even though Forced Direct Play is enabled and Transcoding disabled. There are also random messages throughout the log that say something like "frame rate is unsupported 1080p@50fps" even though PLEX plays just fine for about 10 Minutes. The last time this happened I had to skip ahead a good amount and playback resumed as normal. I'm just tired of not being able to watch the whole video from start to finish without this error. Even more maddening is that these videos have two companion shorts that are the exact same frame rate and quality but slightly shorter in length that playback flawlessly. It's just the main feature that stops playing every time with the same error. Any tips on how to fix the issue are much appreciated.


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