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VIZIO Update to resolve problems?

Will there be an update to the VIZIO app anytime soon? After recently purchasing a VIZIO smart TV I've discovered a number of problems with the current VIZIO Plex app (version 1.0.1).

1) In general the app seems much slower than it should be (although that may be a smart TV hardware issue)
2) Menu items often need to be double-clicked/selected before the app will respond.
3) There are no next/previous episode navigation buttons when an episode is played normally (from On Deck, Continue Watching or navigating directly to that episode).
4) At the end of a show the next episode doesn't auto-start the way they do on every other app platform.
(The only way to get episodes to auto-start and have the next/previous episode buttons to appear is to go into a season and click 'Play All' then manually forward to the episode you're on, which is annoying, rather time consuming and seems to defeat the entire purpose of the 'On Deck'/'Continue Watching' sections)
5) The app does a very bad job of keeping track of what episodes have been watched on other platforms/devices. The 'Continue Watching" and 'On Deck' options are almost never correct.

As a growing market for this app, an update to the VIZIO platform would be sincerely appreciated. Thanks!

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