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Plex Pass for Roku? - details needed



  • pghkatrinapghkatrina Posts: 12Members ✭✭

    @trudge said:

    @JamminR said:
    Ok, so now that I look, Trudge WAS talking about free no-cost cable.

    Yep, and also it was before the word Comcast was mentioned.

    And if that **detail **was a valuable piece of information to benefit the chat, you could have asked for it ;) However it seems, despite your screen name being Trudge, you are rather short with people and abrupt in making assumptions instead of asking questions.

  • pghkatrinapghkatrina Posts: 12Members ✭✭

    @theuser86 said:

    @trudge said:

    @pghkatrina said:

    Plex Live TV is only OTA channels. And yes the Live TV feature requires you have a Plex Pass.

    Thank you. The first person to clearly state this.

    except that it is wrong as its not just OTA channels. It's any non-encrypted channel that works with a supported DVR - which can be some FREE cable channels.

    Well not entirely wrong - there are no such things as free cable channels (aka Clear QAM) in Canada, so in Canada it is only OTA channels.

    It seems that even those who currently use this Plex don't fully understand or agree about how it works. Not exactly the best thing... :#

  • pghkatrinapghkatrina Posts: 12Members ✭✭

    @shopgirl284 said:
    Just to sum up what others are trying to explain here:

    Plex does not just offer access to any Live TV or on-demand shows and movies you want to watch. You cannot have the same experience you had with cable by just installing Plex. See Is Plex like Netflix?. Plex is first and foremost a software program to manage your local digital media.

    Access to more extensive libraries of on-demand TV shows and movies and/or live TV feeds almost always require a paid subscriptions. Plex users who have chosen to cut their cable, often choose a paid service or two (like Netflix, SlingTV, PSVue, etc) to fill in the gaps and give them access to live and/or on-demand premium content. And using a set-top box like the Roku, AppleTV, or FireTV, provides a Plex player channel/app, as well as the native channels/apps for many of those paid subscription services.

    Plex Pass Membership does not provide on-demand TV shows, movies, or live TV feeds. The Plex Pass DVR and Live TV feature just allows you to incorporate the unencrypted live TV feeds that you already have coming into your home into Plex, if you have a DVR tuner. See Supported DVR Tuners and Antennas.

    All Plex users can also install Plex channel plugins. These channel plugins are created by a community of volunteer developers to access the existing online media from a particular website. Some TV network websites provide on-demand access to a few episodes of their most recently aired TV shows, but they almost always require a TV provider to access their live streams or more extensive on-demand libraries.

    So, availability of media through Plex channel plugins, depends on what media is freely offered by a website and whether a developer in the volunteer community has chosen to create and maintain a plugin for that website. And if you are unable to access and play media directly from the website using your web browser, then you will not be able to access and play media from a Plex channel plugin for that website.

    See the Frequently Asked Questions for Channel Plugins thread for more about Plex channel plugins.

    I've spent plenty of time looking at the Plex FAQ in past few days and frankly it seems Plex does a poor job of organizing and providing information on it's site. (And I've built several websites) Many aspects seem misleading:

    • Calling it "Live TV" but you can't stream live feeds, and what is free is very unclear.
    • No way of searching what channels would be available in your area on the Plex site.
    • You have to read FAQ pages to find out that there is requirement for a separate DVR tuner, meaning more cost, when people cutting cord are looking to save money.
    • Using the the term channels for plugins.
    • Clearly, based on experience thus far in forums, there is no direct support from company or moderation here.

    People are looking to save money by cutting cable, but by the time I would pay for internet, the antenna, DVR tuner, Plex service, and another streaming service like Hulu or Netflix... It's the same cost if not more than my current cable bill.

    You would think with the competition Plex would want to provide detailed information to consumers so they can make an informed decision. Obviously that is not the case. Based on my research, at least with other services, I won't need to buy the HDHomeRun to have DVR and an antenna should give local channels. Hulu with Live TV is supposed to be released soon, and I may even be able to use PlayOn, despite having a Mac, if I install with Crossover. So for until Plex gets a things more structured - I'm out.

  • JamminRJamminR Posts: 3,095Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    @pghkatrina - I'm answering a few of your points for anyone else that may come here.
    It seems Plex is not for you, as you do not have your own library of content to organize and share, you simply want to be able to watch content online. Plex is not a streaming service provider (ala Hulu/Netflix/Sling) which is what you seem to be searching for.
    You can't just install Plex and immediately watch streaming TV, just like you can't install Microsoft Office and watch streaming TV. Office is an office productivity suite. Plex is a media organization suite, with extra bonuses.
    Plex really has no competition at this time other than perhaps Kodi, and Emby.
    Plex has a few primary purposes in life - take media you have already or will obtain (video/music/pictures or TV you watch or record over the air) and

    • (categorize) allow it to be scanned and artwork/titles/plots/summaries/actors be downloaded automatically.
    • (share) allow it to be watched by you (or friends/family you share with) locally or remotely.
    • (transcode) convert the format of the video to be compatible with any of the various devices the Plex client can run on.
      Live TV can be streamed, if you have your own tuner equipment and a supported client app. It's one of Plex's newest features, and it's client list grows every few months. (I too am waiting for Roku)
      As for free, that's apparently an issue with your understanding - whatever you can get locally through an antenna or coax without paying for it, that the tuner you obtain can tune into, would be free. Though Trudge may have confused you a bit, he was simply offering the fact that in some countries (North America normally not being one), there are still some TV cable providers that do not encrypt a base channel line up. That's all he was saying. (Plex is a worldwide software product)
      As for Plex not including a way to search to find local channels for your area, there are way too many other sites out there that do that. The Plex article previously linked for supported TV tuners has 3 links to external sites regarding antennas, most if not all of which then also link to frequency search sites for the size of the antenna you wish to use/purchase.

    As for support - you're correct - Plex employees occasionally come to the forum, but there is no expectation of employee support. As for moderation, there's plenty, when rules are broken.

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  • theuser86theuser86 Posts: 575Members ✭✭✭

    Maybe the OP should consider a streaming service like Sling TV or PlayStation Vue? This would not require an antenna or a separate tuner.

  • JuiceWSAJuiceWSA Posts: 7,390Members ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited September 2017

    In general...:

    People are all about 'Cutting the Cord' until they find out that they have to change the way they watch TV. Depending on your requirements that change could be a little, or it could be a lot.

    'Most' people have access to some Over The Air Broadcasting. This is free and clear to watch, record, share, etc. Broadcasters put it into the airwaves jam-packed with advertisements and hopefully whatever you do with it just multiplies those advertisement-watching eyeballs so it's a big party and everybody is invited.

    A 'Niche Group' of viewers find ways to circumvent those advertising annoyances by recording what they watch and employing a FF button on the remote, or via other methods like MCEBuddy that will automatically remove said annoyances, convert those recordings to Direct Playable Material, name and structure the files properly and add them to your Plex Libraries while you do something else. This is a pretty small group, but I've been one of them for a long time and it's a great way to watch TV. Either of these two groups live their lives by the notion that 'Live TV' is crap - having all that advertising - so watching it later is preferable.

    Cable/Pay TV providers have a pretty twisted view of themselves and their viewers in that they feel their programming is something special and shouldn't be touched in any way - other than to, of course, sit mindlessly in front of said Boob-Toob while it's airing and absorb 7 minutes of programming then absorb 4 or 5 minutes of advertising, rinse/repeat, then pay through the nose each month. DRM pretty much ensures this scenario continues and Pay TV Viewers either haven't caught on that there's another way, or have become programmed to the point they believe it's normal - and the only way to watch TV.

    Kinda sad, but there it is.

    DRM is the killer of Plex DVR.
    DRM is the killer of just about everything.
    OTA is free and clear, but you can't get Cable Shows on Broadcast Television.
    A combination of OTA and Internet Services can ease the pain while shaving a lot off that Pay TV bill each month, but some advertisements will have to be endured.
    Any of the above scenarios will require a change in the way you watch TV.
    'Cutting the Cord' is easy (I've never had the cord being a member of the Church that believes it's crazy to pay to watch advertising), but you do have to be open to new ideas, invest in some initial hardware/software/learning experiences and be a little willing to get your hands dirty.

    If you live in the US or Canada (I think) here's a good place to start:
    Plug in your city or your address and find out what's out there on OTA being received on your dental work right now. An antenna could capture some of it and send it to your TV. Once you start exploring alternate possibilities it sno-balls from there.


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  • Boehmer82Boehmer82 Posts: 5Members ✭✭

    @pghkatrina said:

    People are looking to save money by cutting cable, but by the time I would pay for internet, the antenna, DVR tuner, Plex service, and another streaming service like Hulu or Netflix... It's the same cost if not more than my current cable bill.

    Pretty much. Our Fios bill wtih 2 year agreement was ~$95, cutting out the minimal cable it went to $65. So barely saved $30/month by cutting the cord, they just raise internet price to compensate.

    But you don't need all that though (tuner, plex etc). Cancel cable, get a $12 antenna and you can watch live TV. Plex is only if you want DVR. Of course IMO live TV is garbage you don't want to watch anyway.. Netflix is the best replacement, costing a extra $10/month. You have to do the math and decide if the savings, -netflix, are worth the list shows etc.

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