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Samsung UE40JU6440 - Loading screen won't go away


Ever since this morning I've been unable to get video playback from the Plex app that is installed on my Samsung Smart TV. This behaviour has never occured before.

Samsung TV: UE40JU6440 (Software version 1501)
Samsung Plex App:
Raspberry Pi Plex Server:

What happens is; I start a movie/show using Direct Play and after a few seconds of buffering, the audio starts playing. Problem is, the loading screen is still showing the spinner. I haven't waited longer than 5 minutes to see if the screen goes away eventually, but it's pretty consistent behaviour on all video files I've tried so far...

Thanks for the help!


  • FabianMeulFabianMeul Posts: 10Members ✭✭

    Here's the things that I tried:

    1. Completely remove the plex app from the TV.
    2. Completely reset the Plex App settings.
    3. Re-link the Plex Media Server.

    None of the above worked.
    After fiddling around with the client some more, I noticed it was suddenly unable to reach the server. (Offline).
    I then disconnected the client, causing it to re-register to plex.tv/link.

    After that, the issue seems to be resolved.
    I have no clue what might have gone wrong...

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