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New Player UI Complaints

CryomancerCryomancer Posts: 1Members

I've signed into the forum for the first time in my years of using Plex just to complain about this. I'm not the type to typically post in forums, but I have to complain about this.

The new UI / player bar is horrible. Here are some terrible changes.

  • Old scroll volume control is gone, and now you have to scroll volume on the tiny volume bar. I have a dual monitor setup and this new volume control thing is extremely annoying. I've read the discussions that plex "has received complaints" about the old way, but I find it very hard to believe that those complaints represent a majority of users. Many popular media players use the old method of scrolling anywhere on the application to control volume. MPC and VLC to name two giant ones. And before anyone mentions Youtube, they have that particular scroll control because there is something else on the page to scroll down TO.
  • For some reason, closing the video is now either on the top left or bottom right depending on how you want to exit. For most applications, the button to close is 99 times out of 100 on the top right.
  • The new bar is too big and opaque. This is especially a pain when watching something with subtitles.
  • The seek bar itself blends in too well to the player bar. It took me a few minutes to realize it was even there.

Honestly this new UI has me just using MPC from now on until something changes, I find a way to downgrade, or I find a better alternative. The new UI is just not as intuitive at all nor as good as the previous one. I'm expecting this to be my only post on the forums so think of this as my slip of paper into the suggestion/complaint box.


  • plexpatruplexpatru Posts: 1Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I agree on all points

  • wildkenywildkeny Posts: 186Members ✭✭

    Especially for the seek bar and volume bar, it is too thin compared to the size of the video area, which is always maximized to the window frame for Plex Web. When you make your video full screen on YouTube, you can see that the seek bar is enlarged for easy navigation.

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