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Vizio Plex App - Audio Transcoding Buffering

A month or so back my Vizio Plex App started buffering, video freezing, then playback stopping when transcoding audio. Hitting the stop button then resuming the video got things going again for a few seconds/minutes. The process will repeat until I just have to turn off the movie. This issue makes any movie with transcoded audio unwatchable.

My Plex server is plenty powerful enough to transcode audio and video 1080p on the fly. The result is the same with any video when audio is transcoding on my Vizio tv. Monitoring my Plex server shows the CPU and memory at less than 5% when transcoding the audio.

He same video work fine when transcoding audio to a different media player...for example an iPhone.

My Vizio tv only supports AAC AC-3 audio so the files typically have DTS audio transcoded to AAC.

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