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Keyboard and Apple Remote not working Plex Media Player.

rodbowkettrodbowkett Posts: 8Members ✭✭

I have recently done a fresh OSX install of 10.11 on my old Mac Mini (2009) and installed Plex Media Player ( I was using Home Theatre before). I copied my previous database and prefs as I obviously wanted to retain my playlists etc.

One big problem. Although the mouse works fine the Keyboard input does not work and neither does the Apple infrared remote. Both of these work fine with other apps so the issue is with Plex. The Plex Server seems fine as far as I can tell. Any suggestions??


  • rodbowkettrodbowkett Posts: 8Members ✭✭

    I should have noted that I was using remote buddy (and the corresponding PMS map). Oddly there are a couple of functions that do work on the Apple remote. Volume while watching movie and return to menu . The corresponding 2 keyboard functions also work (but nothing else). Cursor keys do absolutely nothing with or without ANY modifier key(s). Maybe to move from PHT to PMP you have start again from scratch and rebuild playlists etc. If so I don't think I'd have the patience TBH. If I move back to PHT will it work with the latest version of the Server?

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