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Audiobook Guide

leosgarzaleosgarza Posts: 6Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I have been an audiobook fan for over three years now and have a large collection that keeps on growing. I currently use the default program to listen to my audiobooks from where I purchase them from or via booksonic when they are from another source. While booksonic is great and it keeps a bookmark on where you left off it take time to set up a book in the program. I have been wanting to use plex for my audiobooks for about a year and have been looking into how to do it. What I recently found out is that plex has the ability to perform this task but it is confusing and not worth it if you cannot have metadata to be imported. Until Macrolinux built a great metadata agent https://www.reddit.com/r/PleX/comments/5yv7ge/i_built_a_metadata_agent_for_audiobooks/?st=j7hiup71&sh=fd3dd21d which works great but require a specific way to setup. So with the last piece of the puzzle completed for plex, I can finally use plex for my books (this include remembering my last location). This is my guide and everything that I know about using plex for my books.

A. Assumptions:
1. Plex server is running on your system
2. Audiobooks are in a mp3 format.
3. I am a plexpass user, I have do not know how this works as a non-plexpass user.

B. Software required:
1. Plex “Duh”
2. MP3TAG http://www.mp3tag.de/en/

C. Plex Setup:
1. Setup Metadata agent for plex follow the link https://www.reddit.com/r/PleX/comments/5yv7ge/i_built_a_metadata_agent_for_audiobooks/?st=j7hiup71&sh=fd3dd21d, I found that the i could not follow the guide to well but I found it is available from the unsupported plex app store. Install the plex app store to make your life easier, .

  1. Setup plex library
    a. Click on add library and select music type.
    b. Name the library anything you like.
    c. Browse for your media. Note: I use my own individual folder with no other media in it other than audiobook mp3’s. I recommend this method as I have not tried it with anyway else.
    d. Click next Very Very import, create a basic music library. Do not select premium plex library! Note: IF you donot see the next setups delete library and start over.
    e. If you have added the metadata agent correctly you will have the ability to change the agent to audiobooks.
    f. Selected
  2. Include in dashboard
  3. Use embedded tags
  4. Store track progress “Very important and it works”
  5. Manually Select Audible Site (if unchecked, library language is used to determine the best site) Select audible site to use www.audible.com

D. Setup Audiobook
1. Use mp3tag to edit the audiobook tag. Edit the tag in this format: Highly recommend, cut and past information from audible as it needs to be exactly how audible sets it up.
a. Artist: Use this for the author
b. Album: Book name.
c. Save tag.
d. Save file with book name. You do not have to put them in a folder unless you have multiple parts, then I recommend.
1. Setup folder with Book Name
2. Save file name as such: bookname_Part 1 Note this format allows plex to recognize the multiple books as one book in the library.

E. Playback
1. The remember position works for android and iOS. Please follow as per screenshots. The following screenshots are for android.



  1. If you don't want to go to my drive folder or it does not work:
    a. After you played your book and want to resume. DO NOT Click on play button again.
    b. Scroll down on you sreen or find the name of the file with the time on it and click on it. A prompt with the last know location should come up.

Done: Hope you enjoy.



  • blindbattsblindbatts Posts: 18Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    thank you so much for this! I drive a LOT (40k miles in the past 10 months) and I like to listen to audiobooks, having them available in plex is a game changer for me, as it saves me a lot of time transfering the ones I've listened to in and out of my tablet. Now it's going to be super easy to listen in the car with just my phone :)

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    Storage - FreeNAS

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  • JakeReindlJakeReindl Posts: 85Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I keep coming back to the forums waiting for official support for Audiobooks, and the closest they have come is auto-resume. And while this was an important feature, it wasn't the only thing needed to make Audiobook supported. What I was waiting on was the ability to turn off the "90% rule". Which is, when you reach 90% of the media, it sounds it as watched/listened. This is a big problem for audio books that reach upwards of 30 hours. Have you found a way to overcome this?

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