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IOS stuck at 50% whilst trying to Sync

briandegnanbriandegnan Posts: 2Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I have read many threads on this issue but cannot find a definitive answer.....people talking about logs and replicating the error but in reality I, like many others I'm sure, don't have the time, inclination or luxury to be doing lot's of things and spending hours reading endless forums just to try and resolve such a fundamental issue as this......I am paying for service that is not working correctly which I am then having to use my own time and energy to fix.....this is wrong on many levels.

Does anyone (particularly anyone from Plex) have a clear and defined solution to prevent sync becoming annoyingly stuck at 50%

I also have lot's of other negative things with Plex but this issue for me is the most important to resolve right now as it is the main reason I purchased it


  • briandegnanbriandegnan Posts: 2Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    starting to get the impression that most people, especially Plex people, either don't read user comments or don't feel they want to help? I first thought Plex was great......having used it now for a while, and experienced the many peculiar quirks, and also the lack of any kind of support or help, I am now beginning to think that it's not worth the effort.

    I'll give it few more days in the hope that someone proves me wrong!

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