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Casting From iPhone to Nvidia Shield - Power On (HDMI-CEC) & Play

wdpaynterwdpaynter Posts: 64Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

Up until recently, if I attempted to cast anything from my iPhone to either of my Nvidia Shield TVs (2nd Gen, 16GB) while the TVs were powered off, the play action would wake my TV and play the item selected. Now, the TV is powered on and the item is shown on the screen, but does not play unless I select it a second time once everything is powered on. On the iPhone it shows that it starts to playback, but stops before TV is fully powered on.

This has also affected the use of Alexa to start a movie/show from a powered-down state. It requires two selections or repeating of the same verbal command. One powers everything on, and another starts playback.

We use the casting feature from our phones to start TV shows and Movies in other rooms for our kids. The TVs that have Rokus still work correctly from a powered down state. Also works correctly on our Sony Android TV

I've tried turning off screen saver and tinkered with other settings. I have the Shields set to not fall asleep so that they are visible to the iPhone to cast.

Any help would be appreciated.



  • richarddc79richarddc79 Posts: 185Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    edited September 13

    I have 3 chromecasts in my house and all 3 have been playing up (similar kind of issue)with regard to plex, I think google have made a change to google cast and plex have not caught up with it.

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