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Find out the best way to deploy The Plex service

eRqzeRqz Posts: 1Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
edited September 2017 in Docker

Hello there!
I'm trying to find the best forums to post my question. I hope i didn't miss something for my first post.
So i'll skip the part where I discovered Plex, got my PlexPass, got some hardware, building a NAS to install FreeNas (big ZFS fan since OpenSolaris) with my very little knowledge. Started with the plex in jail, discover limitations, read tons of threads and finally I found a good workaround with VMs, Ubuntu and Docker.

I spent my last week-end to test several tools that define The Plex for me :smile:

  • PlexAuth (maybe there is another way with nginx)
  • PlexRequests
  • PlexPy

When all work together it's gorgeous.

Really this is fantastic. Now i've test-drived the solution I would like to go beyond and setup something which is quite less a test environment and provide security to users by :

  • SSLized communication with the part of the server exposed to the Internet. Which package should I use to get nginx + ssl with let's envrypt and auto-renewal. I'm also ready to read some tutorials because my networking knowledge is very limited.
  • I'm using NFS share on Ubuntu to mount my dataset to the docker container. Maybe there is something more elegant than editing fstab
  • Setup the right VM. I've allocated 8g of ram on 16g and 4 cores on 4 cores. Maybe there is some guidelines and I was pretty random but I didn't have any issue so far.
  • Get the correct setup for client to avoid too much transcode

In fact i'm a bit lost because everything is barely running fine but I want to go beyond and deliver something clean. Is there some steps not to miss ?

Edit : currently using linuxserver containers. i never setup :plexpass but it seems to give all the features including the very nice PlexMix feature - i'm so glad to use it. I love it.

Thank you for your advices :)
Long live Plex :blush:


  • nokdimnokdim Posts: 1,375Members, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja, TunerTester Plex Ninja

    So I hear you are a big fan of FreeNAS but if you look into UnRaid they offer a docker instance built in so no need for an Ubuntu VM to get docker running which makes this whole setup much cleaner and solves all your questions in a much more elegant way.

    I evaluated both (although a couple years ago) and ended up with UnRaid as a simpler solution.

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