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Use CFIS share from other nas to index/play files

stefsegersstefsegers Posts: 43Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

Hi guys,

I hope I can describe this in a correct way. On my Source NAS I have 2 shares. e.g. tvshows and movies

On SECOND nas I create a CIFS connection to the Source nas tvshows and connected it to a subfolder on my SECOND nas. The directory is called ds1512-tvshows

So far so good. The Plex server scans the whole folder on my Source Nas and I can play tv shows

Now I do exact the same thing with the movies share on the Source nas and connect it to my movies folder on the Second nas and this dir is called ds1512-movies.

So here's an image of the folder I added to Plex.

Now when I select the folder and try to scan it with Plex, the Plex server does not find anything inside this movies share.

I also check if Plex user can use the folder, but yes it can. config is same as tvshows folder.

I really hope there is an solution for this?

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