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Whats working


Running PMS 1.8.4 , 3 ATV's (3rd Gen), MacBook Pro 15" i7 16GB RAM 256GB SSD. macOS 10.12.6 and PlexConnect 0.5-dev-230417

Seems with every update to PMS my setup becomes less stable...Almost all movies freeze at the 60 min mark....force reboot on the ATV seems to resolve the issue.

Media has all been transcoded with iVi into what I'm assuming would be Direct Stream compatible files.

I'm curious as to what Versions other seem to be running and with what level of success


  • mschlotzmschlotz Posts: 212Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    The last verified version of PMS that works with atv3 7.2.2 & mac sierra according to miapple.me is 1.3.3. I'm looking of a copy of it but haven't come across anyone who still has it.

  • surroundedbytreessurroundedbytrees Posts: 9Members ✭✭

    I just found the file in my Time Machine ...I can post it some place?

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