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set appleTV View mode

Hi everyone,

I'm aware the user can't set the view type of a channel. It seems to just be the split view list type.

I was wondering if there were more views available and that I would be able to set in my channel code.


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  • fluxcapafluxcapa Posts: 24Members ✭✭
    edited September 2017

    Specifically I suppose I'm asking which views are available if a code like:
    def Start(): # Initialize the plug-in

      Plugin.AddViewGroup("Details", viewMode="InfoList", mediaType="items")
      Plugin.AddViewGroup("List", viewMode="List", mediaType="items")
    # Setup the default attributes for the ObjectContainer
    ObjectContainer.title1 = TITLE
    ObjectContainer.view_group = 'List'
    ObjectContainer.art = R(ART)
  • fluxcapafluxcapa Posts: 24Members ✭✭

    Thanks for clarifying, I tried a lot of things and none of the views changed to what I wanted. Too bad, it would look a lot cleaner with what I'm doing if it was a list view.

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