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Do you use OpenPHT for viewing photos?

lukecrolukecro Posts: 71Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
edited September 2017 in OpenPHT

So I've got around 30,000 photos in Plex...

When using Plex Web or Plex iOS, I usually go with the default "Timeline" view for photos. That offers a pretty decent "flat" layout, in that I can scroll through all the pics right there, filtering as desired, etc... Without having to worry about the haphazard collection of 700 folders the pics are spread across on my hard drive....

But (unless I'm overlooking an option?) in OpenPHT a Timeline view isn't available, or a basic "view all" (with the structure flattened, so as not to be dependent on folders and sub-folders, etc)... The only options I see are "All Photos" (which these days mirrors my directory structure - so I have to dive into 700 individual "folders," essentially, instead of being able to just scroll through all pics); "By Cluster" (which doesn't seem to do much of anything anymore; I don't know if that's an OpenPHT or Plex Black Edition issue); and Recently Added (which provides a simple, easy to browse view of the pics, but is of course limited to recent items)....

The workaround I've come up with is to go into Filters and then choose "Year" as the filter type, and then click on every single year... And then I sort by date taken... That flattens out the structure so that every photo gets revealed, ordered into a timeline sort of structure... So my family can then easily just scroll through the photos from present to past.

I'm curious what everyone else here is doing -- if many people are using OpenPHT for their photo libraries in general, and if you have any tips and tricks for getting the most out of it.

Also of course I'm wondering if future versions of OpenPHT might support some of the new Plex photo features, like Timeline view, Albums, Tags, etc.... ;)

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