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[REL] TuneIn2017

rols1rols1 Posts: 447Members ✭✭✭


I have completely rewritten the TuneIn-Plugin from @Solvek2 . It doesn't work anymore and I was not able to solve the problem in Servicecode.

An Updatemodul is integrated.

Tested with Plex Web, Plex Home Theater, Plex Media Player (linux + windows7).

* via WebTools.bundle or manually follow the directions below.
* (german) Lade die zip-Datei aus dem Releaseverzeichnis herunter und kopiere den ausgepackten bundle-Ordner in das Plug-Ins-Verzeichnis des Plex Media Servers.
* (english) Download the zip-File from the release-Link, unzip it and copy the bundle into the Plug-Ins folder on the computer running Plex Media Server.
* Restart Plex Media Server
* Plug-Ins-Verzeichnis / How do I find the Plug-Ins folder?


  • Search
  • Download Option with Streamripper : see more
  • Favourites and Folders (Tunein-Account required)
  • MyRadioStations - without any access to tunein (in combination with option StartWithMyRadioStations). Sample file with more infos comes with plugin in ../TuneIn2017.bundle/Contents/Resources/myradiostations.txt


Want to help translate this plugin?

If the Plex Media Player will not stream, please switch from desktop mode to TV interface. See here.
Security hint: if you place logfiles of this plugin here, please search for password-
and serial-entries and delete them.

Known issues
* itunes-url (itunes://..) are not supported by this plugin.
* SomaFM-Stations forwarded to itunes-url fails with http-error 302 (fixed by v1.0.1)


Plugins: ARDMediathek2016, Plex-Plugin-KIKA_und_tivi, Plex-Plugin-3Sat_Mediathek, Plex-Plugin-Flickr, Plex-Plugin-TagesschauXL, Plex-Plugin-Phoenix_Mediathek, TuneIn2017, Shoutcast2017, Plex-Plugin-ZDFmobile



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