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Plex + Docker + Traefik : Not available outside your network

marctoussin@gmail.commarctoussin@gmail.com Posts: 1Members
edited September 2017 in Docker

Hi everyone,

I'm working on a new way to deploy plex media server on my personal server using docker-compose.

My deployment looks like this:

I have a:

  • docker container with plex server running in it
  • docker container running Traefik a reverse proxy that make it easier to have ssl certificates on your domain

My plex container communicates with the Traefik container through the docker network interface.

When I go to the remote access settings, I see that the connection is:

"Not available outside your network"

Private : 32400 <= Public XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX : 8080 X Internet

I'm able to watch my movies but the quality of the streaming is really bad compared to my previous bare metal setup on the same machine.

The plex iOS app is also unable to connect to the server.

Thank you for your help !



  • mcaldasmcaldas Posts: 2Members


    Im having the same issue, did u figure it out?

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