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HowTo play Plex videos on Safari 11 (taken from ismaelrvs and BigPeteTO, thank you both)

macgenmacgen Posts: 39Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

In advance of MacOS High Sierra, Apple updated Safari to version 11.
They added new features to avoid emergent windows, new tabs and automatic playing on web pages.
So not being aware they already implemented it, mac users complain here that they are not able to watch Plex contents on Safari while other browsers work.
ismaelrvs and BigPeteTO figured it out so I just use their info to make this little tutorial.
To play Plex media we just need to grant autoplay to the site in Safari.

1 select "Safari" --> "Preferences..."
2 click on "Websites" will look like BigPeteTO

3 select "AutoPlay" on the left pane. On the right you will see a list of pages with media files.
4 look for the *.plex.tv site and grant "Allow All Auto-play" that let it play by the plex.tv web player.
5 if you also connect directly to your server, you will have a second line with the domain name or the IP Address, must allow the all auto-play too.
Here is my config (spanish)

From now, you can play Plex media in any of the both methods, direct or by plex.tv.

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