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Hi (strange) CPU usage on 3G and NOT on Wi-Fi

18021802 Posts: 17Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

Hi all.
I've a Plex server on a NAS Asustor AS6404T (bit.ly/2y1dGEt) with ADM 3. Plex Server is
When I'm at home, and I try to watch video (from SHIELD, Apple TV, Browser, iPad App), everything seems to be OK, server supports more then one stream without any probolem.
But when I'm out of home, and I try to stream a video in 3G/4G from my Android Moto Z2 (with Android 7) the CPU of AS6404T goes on 90/95%. This for every video. Stream of the same smartphone in Wi-Fi make my AS6404T on 40/50%.
Why in 3G it takes so much power?

Tnx in advance


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