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AC3 5.1 audio not playing on TX3 Mini

Hi I'm gonna need some help with the issue I'm having since after 2 weeks of trying out different stuff and browsing the forum for potential solutions I am jsut not able to resolve it.

I bought this cheap little TV Box for my workroom TV, installed Plex Player and only issue I'm having is that files with AC3 5.1 dont have any sound. wich is a bummer since most of the TV shows I watch have this audio format.

I also installed VLC media player and when I connect to the Plex Server through it it plays the audio normally.

After some investigation it turns out that when i run the Plex Player on the TV Box it uses Direct Play to get the files from Plex Server, while when i use the VLC Plaer it uses Direct Stream for video and Transcodes the audio.

Attaching the screenshot from Now Playing Status.

I tried looking in the settings on the Plex Server and Plex Player on the TV Box but no option fixes the issue, also tried editing the device profiles but I'm not sure how exactly to do it and my winging it didnt give any results. I really need some help to fix this since its realyl bugging me and transcoding all these files manually is just not an option.

Some info on the devices:

TX3 Mini -A with Android 7.1.2 running Plx Media Player

Desktop PC with Windows 10 running Plex Media Server

Let me know if there is any more info I can provide and thanks for any help in advance!


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