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TruHD+Atmos passthrough

gigabullobagigabulloba Posts: 4Members ✭✭

Hi all,

I'm having some difficulty getting my TruHD+Atmos movies to stream correctly to the xbox one plex player app. I've downloaded the dolby access app and set the audio settings on the console to bitstream dolby atmos. The dolby atmos test tones file works when played in Plex and my receiver displays that it is receiving dolby atmos. http://download.dolby.com/us/en/test-tones/dolby-test-tones_5_1_2.mp4

However, when I try to stream a movie, my receiver does not display dolby atmos, but rather PCM 7.1. The difference is that the test tone file when viewed in mediainfo shows that the audio stream is E-AC-3+Atmos whereas my movies I'm trying to play are TruHD+Atmos. I know that my receiver is capable of receiving TruHD+Atmos, as these files work correctly when played on a computer connected to it.

Any way to get Plex on xbox one to passthrough the TruHD? I guess I could re-encode all my movies with E-AC-3 codec, but that's going to be a big project.

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