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Can I go back to the old Plex software as the new updates is HORRIBLE!

dmylreadmylrea Posts: 8Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

A few weeks back, our FireTV's automatically installed the latest Plex software and after giving it a few weeks, we can't stand it.
Plex has turned a rich, beautiful, intuitive media viewing app into a mish-mosh of unintuitive crap that makes it hard for us to know where we are or get to what we want. If there is a rhyme-or-reason to it, our brains don't work that way. It's flat, ugly and practically impossible to get the the episodes we want in less than 50 clicks of the remote. "Start from beginning" is now "Mark as unwatched"...how is that intuitive? The first required one click to start playing from the beginning, the latter (if you can understand that marking it as unwatched, then you play it) requires 2. What's the point?

Plex has gone from a "10" to a "3" in one software update. So, can we go back to the old software or does it no longer work with my media server (Windows)? If I can sideload the old version to get back to nirvana, we'd love to go there.


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