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plex always transcoding

kotor610@gmail.comkotor610@gmail.com Posts: 4Members ✭✭

i'm having difficulty with plex on ps4. it seems like plex is transcoding everything no matter what settings i'm using. right now my default setting is h.264@L4.0 high mp4 w/ aac 2.0 audio.

  • i've made sure the ps4 max h.264 level was above what i was using in the ps4 plex app
  • ive adjusted the level, the encoder profile
  • the audio (which fixes audio transcoding)
  • tried both mp4 and mkv container
  • adjusted the framerate
  • switched between wired and wireless internet
  • restarted pc and ps4
  • replicated on a second ps4

regardless plex continuously transcodes the video. it should be noted that the videos direct play through the ps4's media player via dlna. i'm at wits end as to what it may be. any suggestions on what the cause could be?


  • kotor610@gmail.comkotor610@gmail.com Posts: 4Members ✭✭

    update: it will direct play, if the resolution has been lowered. i tried the exact same settings at 1080p and the content (both audio and video) were transcoded, when switched to 480p the content was direct played. this is despite having ample bandwidth in both situations.

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