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Going from track 1 -> track 2 in an album (clicked play album) causes "shaka3016 (Media)" error

NeoNexus DeMortisNeoNexus DeMortis Posts: 4Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I just want to listen to my music...

Now, when I play an album, the first track plays just fine, but when it goes to play track 2, it fails with the "shaka3016 (Media)" error...

Now, if I hit the previous, then next buttons, the track plays just fine...

I've followed this guide to no avail.

This all used to work just fine, pre the "new and improved player", which I still think is awful for video playback (double-escape no longer closes player; I HAVE to have my cursor over the video for the "chrome" to go away [can't have it in the corner anymore]).

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