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Recent playback glitches on both the Xbox and Samsung Smart TV apps

mooviedoodmooviedood Members, Plex Pass Posts: 7 Plex Pass

In the last couple weeks I've been getting a lot of playback glitches on both the Xbox and Samsung Smart TV Plex apps. All works fine still when I play things though the computer on Plex Media player. I think they just need compatibility updates. I haven't seen either get an update in quite some time. The issues I'm seeing are things like not being able to load certain files at all, some play but then get stuttery and pause. (This while I'm watching it in my living room with issues while my buddy watches the same file on the other side of the country from my system and he has no issues. So it leads me to believe it's the apps. It may be something in the latest server update that did this because it's fairly recent a problem.

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