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Server doesn't show in drop down

xbakesxxbakesx Posts: 14Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

My Plex server doesn't show up as an option in the drop down (in the upper left corner).

  • The server is definitely running, I get notifications when DVR records and I can see things in the logs
  • It doesn't show even if I connect with a local IP address (as opposed to app.plex.tv)

It seems to have happened when I plugged in an old Rasp Pi that had an old version of Plex Media Server on it that started on startup. The issue definitely seems to be something about what plex stores in the cloud as part of the configuration and not the local install because nothing changed on the local install and more over the local install (other than not being accessible via the web) seems to be working as expected.

Does anyone have any suggestions or investigating steps? Thanks for the help!

Here's a screenshot, you can see I'm connected locally, wall-e is the rasp pi server that I have shut off, my Plex Cloud account is available, but my local raspberry pi isn't showing in the list at all.


Best Answer

  • xbakesxxbakesx Posts: 14Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    Accepted Answer

    I restarted the plex service (service plexmediaserver restart) and that brought it back in the menu.

    Thanks @ChuckPA for responding . Sorry I didn't try restarting earlier but I knew shows were recording and didn't want to interrupt them...


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