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Plex app for Samsung TV does not support 2160p?

I'm trying to play some 2160p files on the TV plex app and the screen freezes at the beginning even if the sounds plays normally. I have tried the same files with DLNA and it works perfectly on the TV so anyone knows what's the issue with Plex app?


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  • iamsmittycgiamsmittycg Posts: 1Members

    I have same issue...download 4k star wars rouge one. While streaming from plex it freezes really bad. plex is trying to stream the movie at 47mgbs. The movie is 4k HDR 7.1 dolby surround sound. Size is 43gb

  • RobitzaRobitza Posts: 28Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    @JonoH said:
    works for me here Q7C latest flex, direct play.

    I can confirm, direct play works. Thanks!

  • lalala123456lalala123456 Posts: 3Members

    What are the specs of the file? What Tizen/Plex versions and TV?

    Samsung KS7000, firmware 1201
    Tizen 2.4.0
    Plex 3.1.0 (3.8.0) whatever that means!

    Direct Stream is unchecked. Direct Play is checked.

    GoGT2 (2160p, HEVC @ 45Mb/s, 23.976fps, TrueHD, mkv) will play for a maximum of 5 seconds before buffering. Eventually it gives up, and reports that the file couldn't be played within a certain time or something to that effect. Is it the audio that's being converted?

    The Revenant (2160p, HEVC @ 20Mb/s, 23.976fps, AAC audio, mkv) seems to work well.

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