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Subtitles transcoding

zpaolo11xzpaolo11x Posts: 1,229Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I was playing with hardware transcoding and I noticed that even if I enabled subtitles on Plex web on Opera, the video was not transcoded and indeed the info page showed it as "direct play". It didn't work like that before, so is now direct play of subtitles available in Plex web? Maybe this will bring the same feature to Opera TV enabled smart TVs?

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  • zpaolo11xzpaolo11x Posts: 1,229Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    @OttoKerner said:
    Are you talking about Opera the web browser or Opera the app store for Smart TVs?

    I was talking about web app in opera browser.

    Direct Play of subtitles has been available since quite a few months already in web browsers

    Oh this speaks a lot about how often I use the web app on the browser :D Anyway thank you for the explanation.

  • IVANGO3011IVANGO3011 Posts: 4Members ✭✭

    Buenas tardes, con respecto al tema de los subtitulos yo utilizo como cliente una smart tv de Samsung en la que tengo tanto la aplicacion PLEX como la apllicacion XPLAY, y la mayoria del contenido en que que hay subtitulos no lo reproduce directamente si no que hace transcodificacion, me pasa con varios formatos de subtitulos como SRT. PGS. etc pero no en todos los casos,.....sabeis como podria configurarlo o si hay alguna forma en la que no tenga que hacer transcodificacion?? gracias.

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