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Video stops playing when I wake up phone

nylawnylaw Posts: 2Members

I am running IOS 11 on an 8 plus. When my phone sleeps (screen goes black) and I wake it and get into the Plex app, the video stops. I also lose the Chromecast connection. This never happened before. I have to try and turn off Chromcast, shut the app, open the app, select the video again, restart Chromecast. It's 50/50 if it restarts where it left off. This is getting to be a PITA. Any suggestions?

As an aside, I was running my desktop (Plex Server) off my Asus router for years with never an issue. Now it isn't working outside the network. I looked at the help articles and it seems I am running as double NAT. As I said it ran this way for years. For now I have it connected into the providers modem and it seems to be working again. Not sure what has changed.


  • nylawnylaw Posts: 2Members

    Does anyone read these? Still having the same issue. The double nat issue is resolved but still having the app stop playing video when I wake the phone up.

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