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And yet another firewall question...

JoelRybackiJoelRybacki Posts: 11Validating, Plex Pass Plex Pass

Been searching the forum and have tried a bunch of different suggestions to no avail. Running PMS on a CentOS VM hosted in Ubuntu 16.4 on a Dell PowerEdge R410 server (old machine I know, but running with 2 Xeon 5660 procs and 32-GB ram each so I have had plenty of horsepower). Router is a Unifi EdgeRouter Lite that I HAD setup to work the way I wanted until I locked everything out trying to tweak the firewall (Damb-it Jim, I'm a programmer, not a network admin). And, of course I did not have a backup of my config to rebuild from. Current situation is that I have my server shared with a buddy in another state and want to give him as much throughput as possible so I want the external access to work. But I cannot seem to find the right combination. I have 32400 forwarded in the router, I have tried a WAN_IN rule allowing 32400 through, I even tried the UPnP wizard, all to no avail. No Firewall on the Ubuntu server and firewall passthrough setup on the CentOS server (but even with firewall disabled I get no joy). My previous setup was a mirror of a walk through of setting up the EdgeRouter Lite with basic firewall settings. Without knowing what everything actually does, I'm hesitant to go back to that setup and punch in the many lines of commands needed so I'm hoping someone has had the same experience and knows the secret handshake. WAN_IN and WAN_Local NAT rules were created with the LAN+2LAN2 wizard. Anyone been through the same process and have any tips?


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