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Sony BDP Opera not loading Plex

I've been using the Plex app through Opera TV on my BDP-S3700 since mid February.

It was all fine until Tuesday. Suddenly when launching Opera TV I get a message about it now being Vewd. If I start the app (still listed in Favorites) I get a dialog about launching a browser then a not supported message as it loads a page at sony.tvstore.opera.com

Setup a developer account and loaded plex.tv/web/tv/opera using the URL loader.
It works fine.

So, what's going on with the Plex app link I've been using for the last 8 months?
Appears to be related to the change to Vewd, as I did not see that Monday when everything worked fine, but it was there Tuesday.

While the ULR loader is a workaround, it's even less convenient and not something the rest of the family can do. The old method was bad enough, but at least it presented a recognizable icon.

I'd just buy a Roku but I don't have enough HDMI inputs on my AVR for another device.


  • I'm dealing with the same issue. BDP-S6700, instead of the 3700. I had JUST finished organizing my music and videos, too. :( (I've only had Plex set up for a couple of weeks.)

    What do you mean about setting up a developer account? Where did you set it up? Plex? Sony?

    Debating about getting a cheap Android phone with screen casting ability and loading Plex on that and just screen casting when I want to watch my videos or listen to my music.

  • ST DogST Dog Posts: 2Members
    via Email
    Opera TV account
    Thursday, 12 October 2017, 04:18PM -05:00 from the-skees@sylvantrails.com forums+d291336-s6025034@plex.tv :
  • alphajamiealphajamie Posts: 5Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I have a SONY TV, model KDL-60W850B and have been using the PLEX app for years, and recently spent the money on a lifetime PLEX Pass because of how well everything has worked. Now I can not load the PLEX app at all... when I go to the Vewd (formerly Opera) store, the PLEX app isn’t even there...

    Very disappointed and wondering what the return policy is for the PLEX Pass.

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