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How to install Tautulli (PlexPy) and other Docker images

trumpy81trumpy81 Posts: 11,041Members, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Plex Ninja
edited May 25 in Synology

This is the full procedure you need to follow in order to install PlexPy as a Docker image, you need to install Docker from Package Center > Utilities, the process will be similar for other Docker images.

For DSM 6.1:
1. Create a folder in Control Panel > Shared Folders and name it dockersconfig
2. Open File Station and create another folder inside dockersconfig and name it plexpy.
3. Right click on the plexpy folder and select properties.
4. Click on the permissions tab and then click on 'create'.
5. Click on the User or Group drop down menu and select Everyone, give it full read/write permissions.
6. Open Docker and go to Registry and search for PlexPy
7. Click on Linuxserver/PlexPy and then click on download
8. Click on Image (on the left)
9. When the PlexPy package has finished downloading click on it and then click on launch
10. In the General Settings dialogue click on Enable resource limitation and set CPU=Med RAM=512
11. Click on the Advanced settings button.
12. Enable Auto-Restart and create shortcut on desktop. Use the option you would prefer for the shortcut.
13. Go to the volume tab and click on Add Folder and navigate to dockersconfig/plexpy select it and hit OK.
14. In the Mount Path box type in /config
15. Click on the network tab
16. Enable Use the same network as Docker host (at the bottom of the dialogue)
17. Click OK then click on Next then click on Apply.
18. Go to Container (on the left) and make sure that the PlexPy Docker is running.
19. Wait a minute or two and you should be able to type in http://Your-NAS-IP-Address:8181 and PlexPy will open in your browser, fingers crossed.

Andy M.

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