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Fire Stick 1st gen no longer supported?

I've been using Plex Media Server for years, but I only recently started using the client app on my 1st gen Fire TV Stick. As far as I can tell, the client update released around the beginning of September ( basically broke local video playback. Everyone that I see posting on the forums had to manually revert back to

It's been almost a month and a half, and I haven't actually heard any official word from the developer. Does that mean the device is no longer supported? Is it normal for Plex employees to break something and refuse to talk about it? Does anyone expect them to fix it, or at least talk about it publicly?

I'm honestly at a loss here. I don't know if I should live with it, look for a new media extender device (all of them seem flawed, even the $200 Shield TV), or find a new media server and client. Emby? Kodi? Back to the old way where I plug an old laptop into my TV? At least the last method will just work, and I know Microsoft won't release any updates that will make Windows suddenly stop working.

What are others doing?

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