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After pausing, watching the video on the TV stops

Sir_PrikolSir_Prikol Posts: 7Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

It worked perfectly, after some update (1.9.x), it stopped to lose normally after a pause. As soon as the pause lasts more than 4 minutes, that's all. The video has to be launched. Without pausing, it works great.
Rollback to the previous version does not help. Apparently somewhere in the settings the problem, although it has not changed the settings for 5 months, just the server itself was updated.
Intel core i3-3220
8Gb of RAM
120 SSD (system debian 8)
7TB Library
Debian 8.
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TV LG 32LH570U

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  • westavewestave Posts: 1Members


    I have the same TV 32LH570U and wondering is there any chance to install Plex on it?

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