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PLEX app on Vizio M70-C3 hangs on logo, times out, "network disconnected", then repeats???

I recently had the entire tv replaced under warranty due to chronic "network disconnected" issues, but i can assure that it is not a network problem as i have far too many other fully functioning devices, servers, laptops, mobiles, even an Amazon Echo (1st gen beta) that function properly. We can use Plex from Firestick (Android), Samsung mobile (Android), iPhones (iOS), Chrome on macOS, etc, even the Apple TV (2nd gen) works. Only the Vizio can't connect proper. I have deleted the Vizio device on the server, and re-registered. My take is that this "smart" tv is not so smart. I know, what can i expect from a "cheap" tv???

Any suggestions on how to force this Vizio to behave?

BTW, my daughter and boyfriend are loving the TCL Roku that i recommended.



  • twofingerpoitwofingerpoi Posts: 3Members ✭✭

    Vizio tells me that they don't support the apps on their smart tv??? Plex is the only app that doesn't work, while Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube etc all function. Also, the Plex app was working then recently and suddenly stopped. Vizio suggested a factory reset, and it worked again briefly after linking, then stopped shortly after.

  • kentemplinkentemplin Posts: 23Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Any luck with this?

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