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PHT-Problem: wrong jump after after os-functions in combination with writing to Dict

rols1rols1 Posts: 389Members ✭✭✭

in my plugin TuneIn2017 I have two functions to start and stop recordings.
In Function RecordStart I use subprocess.Popen to call the external programm streamripper. If the call is successfull I write the process-ID (and more infos) to a Dict['PID'].
Then, before given a user-info with ObjectContainer, PHT jumps back at the beginning of function RecordStart and tries calling streamripper once more.
Nice to see on the basis of timestamps in PLugin-Log.
Other Players (Web, Media Player) works fine).

The same happens in the function RecordStop. Here the jump-back occurs after os.kill and removing the process-ID from the Dict.

Did I make a mistake or do we have a special PHT-Problem?

* Linux: PMS + OpenPHT
* Windows: PMS + OpenPHT-

Code-extract RecordStart:

    call = **subprocess.Popen**(args, shell=False)      # shell=False needs shlex   
    # output,error = call.communicate()             # blocked, not needed here
    Log('call: ' + str(call))                       # Bsp. <subprocess.Popen object at 0x7f16fad2e290>
    if str(call).find('object at') > 0:             # subprocess.Popen object OK
        PID_line = '%s|%s|%s|%s'    % (call.pid, url, title_org, summ)                                                                  
        Dict['PID'].append(PID_line)                # without no PHT-Problem 
        title_new = L('Aufnahme') + ' ' + L('gestartet')
        msg =  '%s: \n %s | %s | PID: %s' % (title_new, url, summ, call.pid)
        header = L('Info')
        # at this point PHT jumps back to the start if this function. Return of 
        #   ObjectContainer is not executed.
        return ObjectContainer(header='Info', message=msg)      
        return oc

except Exception as exception:


Plugins: ARDMediathek2016, Plex-Plugin-KIKA_und_tivi, Plex-Plugin-3Sat_Mediathek, Plex-Plugin-Flickr, Plex-Plugin-TagesschauXL, Plex-Plugin-Phoenix_Mediathek, TuneIn2017
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