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HDHomerun Extend not working with Plex

I am in some need of some help. I am new to the Plex and HDHomeRun world. I am running my Plex Server off of a 2009 Mac Mini and I originally bought a HDHomerun Quatro which worked great, but my system was not powerful enough to transcode the recordings. Which made the DVR pointless. So I swapped the Quatro out for the Extend because of the built in transcoder. After I initially set it up I was able to view live TV on my devices, but it did not record. The recording seem to be recording but they never showed up anywhere. Now, a day later, I am unable to even view live TV with the HDHomerun through Plex. I am able to watch it through HDHomeruns Software. What do I need to do to get my recordings to record and my Live TV to work with Plex?




  • isaacrdzisaacrdz Posts: 103Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Are both the Extend and Quatro listed in the Live TV & DVR section of the PMS settings? I had removed my Extend and setup the Quatro but couldn't get anything to play unless I removed the Extend config as well. Granted, the Extend wasn't connected at this time, but it was odd the PMS couldn't automatically switch to the tuner of the connected HDHomerun. This was in my case though and I run it off of a 2011 Mac Mini.

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