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What size SSD do I need to run Plex

CaptJakeCaptJake Posts: 13Members ✭✭

What size SSD do I need to run Plex? All my Movies,TV and Music are on 4 3tb drives.

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  • JamminRJamminR Posts: 2,733Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    BIG one. Especially if you use media thumbnail indexing (so you can see little thumbnails while fast forwarding/rewinding)
    I have about 5 TB of media, my Plex Media Server meta folder is 61,934 MB. That's not including anything but Plex data.
    (That's counting my plugins/related data too, but I'd guess that's only a few percentage points)
    Though I'm on Windows, I'd see no reason the various *nix flavors would require much different for the metadata storage and transcoding cache.

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