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why I am so upset about this NEWS "feature"

or-3719or-3719 Posts: 4Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

PLEX was a tool where I could keep my private stuff private. Now it's becoming just another service looking at my most intimate data, and monetising it. Honestly, there are plenty of services around for people who have no problem with that. Those people can for example upload their photos and movies to facebook, google, amazon, etc
But PLEX was my "safe" where I kept my private stuff just for me and my family. Where I controlled who could see what within my family. But even more, would not let anyone else in. Not sure PLEX understands the trust I have put in the PLEX team and the software.
Bit by bit, PLEX is now breaking this firewall. Always communicted as "new" features, which honestly nobody asked for. Analysing my picture contentf for kittens (ha ha very funny). Allowing third party providers into my interface, playing inadequate content to my family, collecting personal data from an app which was supposed to be private.

Honestly, I get the feeling, maybe this was all a big misunderstanding. I thought PLEX was a service to help me organise my private stuff while keeping it private.Now it seems I was wrong, I guess PLEX is just another media service, caring more about features than protecting it's users. Just becoming a me too.

In that spirit, I don't think NEWS is the problem, iI think it's the symptom. I guess I should have seen this before. When the privacy policy changed. When watchup was bought.

Probably it is time to move on.


  • STWallmanSTWallman Posts: 87Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I agree...I've been a monthly Plex Pass subscriber for probably 5 years now (or whenever they started Plex Pass)...have paid in a ton of $$$ but would even consider a couple bucks more a month if my stuff could be kept private.

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