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Cant get PLEX working on Samsung QLED Q7

Spent days trying to sort this. Hoping someone has had the problem & solved it....

I've downloaded the PLEX app on my new Samsung TV. My PLEX server is up to date & running on a WD NAS (I use PLEX apps on an iPhone, a Sony TV & a laptop without issue). When I link the TV app I'm presented with a message telling me the app failed to connect to a server & I should try manually connecting. Within the settings page there are 2 places in which to add an IP address. When I add the IP for my laptop (which as I understand it is the same for my NAS) in the 2 boxes & retry I receive a message telling me I am not authorised to access the IP. I've signed in & out several times & powered everything down, but still no joy.
I know other people have had this problem from internet searches I've done, but I'm struggling to find a solution. At least, a solution I understand!!

Please can someone help me. I love PLEX, but am at a total loss how to solve this.



  • OrcaOrca Plex for Samsung Developer Posts: 7,610Members, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Plex Ninja

    I think you might be in the wrong forum, I guess this is a pretty new model, that runs the official Tizen app.
    The forum for that is over here.

    Have you checked if your answer might be in the User Manual?
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  • Yes, it's a 2017 model. I've followed the link & read all the stuff I'd read previously, but still struggling to find a solution. Could really use some help....

  • I have now found that when I try to configure my PMS from my NAS, it isn't finding a server. This is very strange because I can see it from a network attached music streamer & the app on another TV is still functioning.
    Should I simply uninstall everything & start fresh?

  • SkarSkar Posts: 225Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    The plex client for your TV, is created by Plex themselves. So it is important to go to the other forums.

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  • Thanks guys & apologies, I thought this was the Plex forum. Sorted now. Just need to get over the issue of choppy 4K playback...

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